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looking for a composer/musician

Posted by Hedai - 1 month ago

i've been working on a visual novel for the past few weeks now, and realized that i'm going to probably need music for it. i would try doing it myself, but i have no skill in that field whatsoever aside from knowing the absolute basics. (not to mention that i already have the workload of doing all of the art and programming, and i'm also handling the story/script.) so if i want music for the game, then i'm sort of stuck with asking for help. (because i'd rather have no music over using stock music) (NOTE: the vn is NOT nsfw, though i will probably do a nsfw side comic or two later down the line)

the game is titled demonterra, and the story is already finished/written. it's more or less about a human and demon pairing up to save their planet from a massive energy crisis, but it's moreso focused on the characters rather than the main "conflict".. it's kinda standard, i guess. (if you decide to help out with music for whatever reason you can read the full script... i mean, you're sorta going to have to really) 

the game is technically at the end of it's pre-production stage right now. (and is going into actual production.. probably a day or two after i post this, really.) i'd normally wait until a bit later (at least halfway through development) to try getting an ost going, but given that i don't have any composer friends who are willing to help out that'd be incredibly risky.

(also since i couldn't find anywhere else to put this, i'm sort of looking for a jazzy-ish sort of ost. sort of like this album almost or maybe the persona 2 ast.. i'm a big fan of persona music. of course, i'm not actually insisting you use live instruments. i'm fine with samples and synths of course. i'm just not looking for babby's first chiptune, if that makes sense. i'll probably only need about 6 tracks total, i haven't really gone through how many tracks should be in the game yet.)

here's the part where karpetkunt loses everyone:

if i could, i would simply commission an ost, but due to the fact that i can't sell commissions myself yet i don't have any money to pay for one. (not to mention that the last time i tried commissioning an ost was during thirstchasm's development, and everyone tried charging ludicrous ammounts of money thinking i was some big-shot furry artist) the most i can do in return is:

-giving you 2 custom full rendered drawings, of pretty much any oc or character(s) you want. (one solo, one duo, or one either solo or duo but with a background) of course these can either be sfw or nsfw. (technically a ~$120+ value given my last commission batch)
-providing album art for the ost
-you can sell/distribute/re-use whatever you make however you want, it's your music after all.
-(and of course) name and bandcamp/newgrounds/etc. link in the credits

sorry if this isn't really good compensation, i know i'm not much better than those offering for ""exposure"" but i legitimately can't do much better. i know that the vn will probably just have to go without music but w/e

anyway if you're somehow interested feel free to dm me on here or join my discord and dm me there, https://discord.gg/YSWCgyr